16mm x 7mm Expanded Metal - Raised - 1mm Strand Depth - 1mm Strand Width - Mild Steel

16mm x 7mm Expanded Metal - Raised - 1mm Strand Depth - 1mm Strand Width - Mild Steel
16mm x 7mm Expanded Metal - Raised - 1mm Strand Depth - 1mm Strand Width - Mild Steel  - view 1
16mm x 7mm Expanded Metal - Raised - 1mm Strand Depth - 1mm Strand Width - Mild Steel  - view 2


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Aperture16 x 7mm
Wire Diameter1mm x 1mm
Open Area-
Mesh No.16 x 7mm

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What Is It?

Expanded metal mesh is commonly thought of as a diamond pattern mesh, as much as woven wire mesh is a square pattern.

Expanded metal mesh is produced, unsurprisingly, by an expanding machine. This machine uses a pressured stretching and slitting process to transform solid metal sheets into expanded mesh.

This type of mesh has been produced since the late 19th century and it offers benefits that cannot be achieved through woven mesh, perforated mesh and welded mesh.

The Benefits?

Expended metal mesh is produced from one single sheet, so nothing can come loose. This is why it is ideal for forming and model making.

The production process comes from one sheet and is slit and stretched at the same time. This limits waste to a bare minimum, unlike perforated mesh for example.

Expanded metal mesh has a very high strength to weight ration, much higher than standard sheet metal. This means that it is ideal for walkways etc.

Measuring The Mesh

The mesh can easily be measured as follows:

- The mesh count given (ie 8mmx 5.8mm) is the cross section from the centre of the strand on the left to the strand on the right (as viewed) and the strand at the top and the strand at the bottom. In other words the pitch is 8mm in one direction and 5.8mm in the other when looked at front on.

- The wires have a depth and a width. The width is the wire as measured from the surface and the depth it the thickness of the sheet.

Mild Steel

Mild or plain steel is widely used and relatively inexpensive. It is strong and although it easily corrodes, it is very durable.

Mild steel has a low carbon content (up to 0.3%) and is therefore neither brittle nor ductile, making it suitable for welding, bending, forming and general engineering applications.

Due to its poor corrosion-resistance, mild steel it must be painted or otherwise protected and sealed in order to prevent rust from damaging it. A light coating of oil or grease can help control rust.

It is darker in colour to stainless steel.

It is commonly used for fire guards and other engineering projects.


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