3mm Round Hole - 5mm Triangular Pitch - 1mm Thickness - Plain Steel - Perforated Metal Mesh

3mm Round Hole - 5mm Triangular Pitch - 1mm Thickness - Plain Steel - Perforated Metal Mesh
3mm Round Hole - 5mm Triangular Pitch - 1mm Thickness - Plain Steel - Perforated Metal Mesh - view 1
3mm Round Hole - 5mm Triangular Pitch - 1mm Thickness - Plain Steel - Perforated Metal Mesh - view 2


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Aperture3mm Round Hole
Wire Diameter1mm Thickness - Flat Sheet
Open Area32.65% Open Area
Mesh No.29.8 Per Square Inch
Weight5.4 kgs/m2


Production - As a rule it takes 1 - 2 days to prepare, pack and ship our online mesh orders.

This speed can change if:

- There is a lot of cutting involved

- We cannot access the machine

- The mesh is difficult to access in the factory.

Please allow for this and contact us if you require your mesh for a specific date.

FREE UK Delivery - Our prices include VAT AND delivery. The shipping method will be selected based on the size of the package.

EXPEDITE - If your order is especially urgent then please add the EXPEDITE option during checkout. This will be instantly given to production and will be shipped the same day (we will contact you straight away if this is not possible). We will use a next day courier for shipment. Please order before 1PM for this option.

- Plain Steel Perforated Mesh - 1mm Thickness - 3mm Round Hole - 5mm Pitch

This is the first time that The Mesh Company have made our range of Perforated Mesh options available for direct sale.

We are historically and Woven Mesh specialist, but we also stock Perforated Mesh, Expanded Metal and Welded Mesh.

Produced in Europe.

Round Hole Perforation

Whether used for technical or decorative applications, round hole perforations are the most frequently used in perforated products. Geometrically, a round hole is the most solid shape.

Round hole perforations provide the possibility of a large open area and strength and comes in triangular, diagonal, straight or staggered rows and also with decorative holes.

TMC's perforated sheets with round hole perforations are used in many applications for example:

Sieves for agriculture (sieves for sorting/grading of seeds and stones)for the building industry
Sieves for the recycling industry (sorting of bulk materials) Protection and ventilation sheets

Round holes are often used for acoustics and safety for the IT industry, as well as machinery construction for protection and ventilation panels.

Round holes offer a large ventilation opening with effective protection for the machine parts inside.


Round hole perforations offer an aesthetic decorative privacy shield and increases protection against the sun, and are also used for infill panels in balconies and balustrade panels.

Standard Sheet Sizes

- 100 x 100mm
- 100 x 150mm
- 150 x 150mm
- 200 x 150mm
- 200 x 200mm
- 300 x 300mm
- 300 x 200mm
-300 x 400mm
- 500 x 500mm
- 1 Metre x 500mm

Please be aware that we cut this mesh to size in house. If you wish to order a bespoke piece then please contact us (sizes must be within 1 Metres x 2 Metres)

Stocked and Shipped From Our Facility In Warrington

In Stock - Usually Dispatched Within 1 Working Day (Mon - Fri)


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